Which City Explodes?

It’s difficult to claim who deserves to win the World Series more, the Indians or the Cubs. Both teams can state their case as to why they deserve it more, but it’s exciting to just see two teams who are so desperate for a World Series win go head to head.

Let’s start with the Indians. They are riding the high energy in Cleveland following the Cavaliers 2016 Championship. Cleveland had not seen a Championship win in 52 years. LeBron James was the hometown hero and there was finally a parade riding through the streets of the city. Cleveland fans have been re-ignited and have rallied around this Indians team after the Cavs brought life back to the city. It would be exciting to see the Indians win because the city would have officially exploded as a sports city again, keeping their football team aside.

Then we have the Cubs. The infamous Wrigleyville. It’s a classic, historic landmark in baseball. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 104 years. 104 years is unbelievable. When you put a figure to just how long it’s been, it makes you want to see the Cubs win. Wrigley Field will always be Wrigley Field, but to bring it back to prominence in terms of baseball success would be special for the city. There is most likely not a Cubs fan on this Earth that has seen a World Series win for Chicago.

Growing up as a Philadelphia sports fan, I understand the pain of rooting for non-winning teams. I experienced a World Series win in 2008, and I witnessed how special it was for our city. Parents, including mine, wrote notes to our teachers on the day of the parade excusing us from school to take us downtown for the parade. It brought the city together, it was a joyous occasion and any city should have the opportunity to experience something so special.


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