ESPN did it all wrong

The ESPN article titled, Ohio State football players safe, accounted for after on-campus attacks, is sickening, disappointing and insensitive.

If people get upset when football players are treated “like celebrities” or receive “special treatment,” this article just supported this notion. A tragedy struck the Ohio State University campus and the most important thing to talk about was that the football team is safe, when there are 60,000 other students on the campus?

Was this article even worth it to write? Why is this significant? In the midst of tragedy, all we can do is worry that the football team was still able to practice?

This article is embarrassing. This article shines a bad light on the Ohio State community; as if all we care about is the football team and not any other life on campus. The article diminishes and disrespects the precious lives of the victims and the students who now live in fear when walking around campus.

I love sports more than anything, but there comes a point when people’s lives trump all. Sports aren’t important anymore, the football team’s ranking doesn’t matter anymore, and the win against Michigan doesn’t matter anymore. There is a human element that trumps all.

As a sports reporter, if you wanted to publish that the Ohio State football team is safe, there is a number of better and more appropriate ways to write this story.



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