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ESPN did it all wrong

The ESPN article titled, Ohio State football players safe, accounted for after on-campus attacks, is sickening, disappointing and insensitive. If people get upset when football players are treated “like celebrities” or receive “special treatment,” this article just supported this notion. A tragedy struck the Ohio State University campus and the most important thing to talk … Continue reading

Ethics in the Media

I think media face a variety of ethical challenges everyday, but one challenge that I think is faced most often is “loyalty” to a team, program or organization. Having reported for Ohio State for the majority of my college career now, I have faced many issues in remaining faithful to Ohio State because that’s who … Continue reading

Broadcast Assignment

For the broadcast assignment project, Mareisha Gibson, Miles McQuinn and I will be creating a podcast about hot topics in sports. We plan to utilize what we learned from Beanie Wells and Tim Hall to design the format of our podcast. We will discuss three topics over the course of the podcast to debate opinions, … Continue reading

A STUDENT Reporter

I want to be a sports broadcaster some day. I want to grace sideline after sideline with my passion for sports, my thirst for knowledge, with an ability to report on important, relevant, pressing stories. I want to represent women in a way that is inspiring for those feeling oppressed in male-dominant industries. I have … Continue reading